Congrats, America! Donald Trump Is Now A 2016 Presidential Front-runner

.  What I find fascinating about Donald Trump’s short-term experience as a presidential candidate is that his brand has taken quite the beating; it was all self-induced, the things that he said about Mexicans were hateful, untrue and utterly reprehensible, but to be disavowed not only by Univision, NBC, a Chicago based craft brewery, but Macy’s has since joined the fray. I wonder, if someone had told Trump that in the space of a little over a week, he would be fired not once but a few times, he would have laughed in their faces or at least yelled them off a chair or something. I remember signing quite a few petitions asking Macy’s to cease and desist selling Trump merchandise as far back as 2008, it only took 7 years for it to happen, but I am glad that it did. I do find it tragic that Trump is doing as well as he is in Iowa and New Hampshire, that is very embarrassing because Trump is an embarrassment. I am not sad that Trump is being taken down a notch, he has used his ill gotten gains for too long to bully his way through communities to install his environmentally degrading golf courses, I hope that his experience on the primary campaign circuit will humble him at last and at the very least. I just wish that our news media would spend just half of their energy talking about Senator Bernie Sanders as they do speaking about the latest hijinks or the latest temper tantrum perpetrated by Trump. Seriously our corporate news media is not doing their job nor doing us a service by salivating after Trump gotcha moments, they should be focusing on a candidate that has put many legislative proposal before congress throughout the years, all in favor of making working families work and do well, that is more important. We have the worst news media in the world, bought and paid for to entertain us and not much more. We have enough entertainment, we desperately need proper news sources, our democracy depends upon it.   

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