Hillary Clinton To Jewish Donors: I’ll Be Better For Israel Than Obama – POLITICO

Hillary Clinton’s caginess over major issues is why I have made up my mind to support Bernie Sanders, he doesn’t have a SuperPac, his political donors, the American people, are therefore transparent, as anyone who watched the Colbert Report, SuperPacs are top secret engines of power and money, the amount of influence peddling behind closed doors knows no bounds, that’s why Hillary Clinton has to be oblique in many areas. I realize that she has come out very strong on immigration and incarceration and I applaud her positions, especially now with Trump’s inane comments to the contrary. But we still need the Iran deal to go through and we also need a Palestine, living separately and independently of Israel based on the 1967 borders. If that can be achieved, peace in the Middle East would be possible because the biggest obstacle would finally have disappeared. A humongous amount of acrimony within the Middle East is the inhumane treatment of the Palestinians right now, not many wish to speak of it, but silence doesn’t make it untrue. The adoption of a two state solution would be the biggest step to peace ever seen in decades, perhaps even bigger than the Berlin Wall coming down. This something the entire world should be focused on, because as we have seen, the wars in the Middle East have no borders, they are mobile, it most certainly behooves us all to force our lawmakers to act and act wisely. Bernie Sanders has made his position public on all of these matters for years, over time they have changed but his desire to see peace in the Middle East, a strong Israel and an independent Palestine has never waivered. That’s why I am for Bernie Sanders, he is transparent.
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