The Deadly Cost Of Austerity On Greece’s Health Care System

I find that the troika, the IMF, the European Central Bank and the European Commission, have operated in extremely bad faith; they have been acting on behalf of the big banks, primarily German and French banks, not Greece the nation. The European Economic Community never did their due diligence when they established the Eurozone, their political appartus is too weak and their accounting practices leave much to be desired. The principal members accepted Greece in the union without deeply looking into their books; moreover when Goldman Sachs came and further fixed their books, it should have been a flashing red flag, but they conveniantly looked the other way. I have had the pleasure of visiting Greece twice in my lifetime and the idea that the Greeks are lazy is a lie, they are extremely hard working people. Moreover the imposed austerity policies that the IMF demanded from Greece in 2010 laid the foundation for widespread unemployment, suicide, drug use and societal breakdown. Starving a nation to force it to grow is insanity and cruelty combined. I think that the moral and responsible thing to do is to force the banks to take losses, if you take a risk to lend, you should bite the bullet when the lendee is subject to a worldwide Great Recession, not act like predators or the mob and start demanding body parts or someone’s first born as collateral. Moreover the troika are attempting to strong arm a democratically elected government out of power with this stupid showdown in Greece. The Greeks elected their government because they were hoping for a willing conduit to deliver their message, austerity was killing them, this current government is simply conveying their constituent’s message. My hope and prayers are with the Greeks during this dreadful time. Shame on Europe and especially shame on Germany.
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