Why Not?

I love the fact thet Bernie Sanders titled his post “Why Not?”. I have asked this to every single person I have ever had political, economic and social issues disagreements with, expressly to challenge their worldview and more often than not, they have a hard time answering my question “Why Not?”. I should specify that some come back with “what do you mean?” to which I reply, since rules and laws are written by people, we have the power to change them; only something determined by a law of nature, such as the law of gravity is unchangeable, otherwise we can pretty much change anything we find unacceptable.This works well, especially my republican friends defend “right to work” laws because in their mind, if workers demand too much, companies can just pack up and leave to find cheaper sources of labor elsewhere, according to them, it’s just how business operates. My viewpoint is simply, it doesn’t have to be that way, we allowed it to become the norm, we didn’t put up a fight when it started happening in the 1970’s, we accepted it because the “experts” told us it had to be this way, what the “experts” neglected to explain was that it had to be this way for the sole purpose to make the rich, even richer, now unfortunately, the only way to change this sorry state of affairs is to demand change. That is why I love Bernie Sanders, he demands more from the political discussion than all the rest of the pack; he is courageously asking “Why Not” and I want the others to answer him. We the people should also be demanding “Why Not” from the rest of the presidential candidates and from our lawmakers as well. We don’t have to accept the status quo if it doesn’t work for us, we have a long history of agitation, strikes and rebellion to learn from; our rights as workers, as voters and as minorities weren’t awarded through good will, people had to fight, and people died for many of these rights. We can only be treated as well as we demand to be treated, it is in our power to have better, we have to have the courage to demand it, Bernie Sanders has the courage to demand it for us, we have to join him.
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