Congress Faces Daunting Summer Workload, Risk Of Shutdown In Fall

It may be more fun writing and speculating over the presidential field of candidates out there, but we still need to focus on the daily messy business of politics as it works in the now. I am not surprised to find that our highways are still in danger in running out of funds, driving while attempting to navigate potholes makes me feel as if I’m in a Mad Max movie, it is shameful and a constant reminder that if corporations and wealthy people paid their fair share, we might have roadways that we could be proud of, instead of praying that I don’t blow a tire. Another example is our public education, why aren’t we united in this cause, getting children proper infrastructures, proper reading materials across the board, not simply by zip code, funding public schools through property taxes is a sure fire way to insure a classist and unequal society. I am weary of having one party, the Republican Party, focused on military matters as a matter of preference instead of finding ways to make government and its society work for the people. I realize that making government fail is part and parcel of the Republican Party’s endgame, they want our society to be privatized to the max, but when I am driving on roads that our collective taxpayer dollars built or when I have sent my children to public schools, again built and maintained with our collective tax dollars, I know that without my neighbors and fellow citizens I would not be able to live my life in a completely privatized world, I am not privileged to be part of the financial elite, I am a member of the 99%, I need my fellow Americans with me in all things, the Republican Party doesn’t get that; if it doesn’t have to do with military matters, abortion or birth control, restrictive voting rights or cutting taxes, they aren’t interested. We have a slew of issues that demand our attention and the highway fund is just one of them, if we can’t get that squared away, isn’t it a sign that the Republican Party has no business being in charge of the house or the senate, let alone the White House?
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