Scott Walker’s Sons Disappointed With His Comments After Supreme Court Marriage Equality Ruling

This is the quintessential example of the dearth of ideological relevance within the Republican Party, they are a party of old ideas, prejudices and value systems. If you want to remain relevant, you must get outside and mingle with the young, the different and the new, it is only common sense. The Republican Party is so desperate to hang on to power and influence, but it fails to see power can only stay in the hands of those who understand where the future is going; our future is dependant on open-mindness and thinking outside the box, especially in light of climate change, renewable energy, rights versus privilege, equality versus inequality and horizontal power structuring versus the vertical power structuring. Scott Walker’s sons are, I am sure, not the only children rebelling against their parents; I am curious to know how Ivanka and Donald Junior are dealing with their father’s outrageous racist remarks. I wonder if the Republican Party is even capable of understanding the difference between embracing the highest ideals of old embodied in Rousseau’s The Social Contract and Karl Rahner’s idea of human rights as they are related to freedom over the old systems of class inequities, indentured servitude and slavery. They seem to be intent on reimposing the old class strictures upon our society, instead of acquiescing to the newest social evolution which is marriage equality and marriage equality is only one of the newer issues, we have so many other challenges on our horizon that our younger generation will have their hands full just keeping two steps in front those challenges. I am glad that progressives have always kept their eyes on the horizon and have been many steps ahead of the curve, it keeps us young, we need to keep our spirit young, if we want to remain relevant to the conversation. 
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