Billionaire Overlords Urge GOP Presidential Contenders To Play Nice

I love the title of this post “Billionaire Overlords”, it reminds me of various post-apocalyptic science fiction stories when the downtrodden courageously rise up to defeat the evil overlords; if only we would rise up and demand our fair share of our hard work and increased productivity. There are many wonderful citizen backed organizations out there fighting the good fight, but they are still too few in number, we need massive numbers if we really wanted a revolution. I am not referring back to the article and its sad message, I did have a good chuckle when one of the overlords referenced Reagan’s law “thou shalt not cast aspersions upon a fellow republican” It is the most nonsensical piece of advice when one is engaged in a primary competing for the nomination. First of all, good luck finding a true standout amongst the primary contenders, Chris Christie lost his renegade status when Trump jumped in the fray and the rest are all cookie cutter versions of the same scary political caricature; seriously what we we supposed to do with this bunch? If the Republican Party were to suddenly be honest with the American people and provide us with a memo, I guarantee the memo would read as such; completely destroy all unions, all ability to form unions, gone collective bargaining, destroy any employee power whatsoever, public school would be a thing of the past, university education would still be a pay to play system, the Affordable Care Act would be in grave jeopardy, environmental regulations would be a thing of the past, renewable energy would once more relegated to the bottom of the pack. In a word, we would be sent back to the early 20th century in so many ways, it is pitiful. Our only chance to forge a new path in this new century is to embrace progressivism and that means Bernie Sanders.
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