Why Obama Is Leaving Greece To Fend For Itself Against Germany

I think that we should pay attention to the writing on the wall both in Greece and also within our own backyard, Puerto Rico. Thomas Piketty, who wrote the brilliant Capital in the 21st century, reminded us that Germany was forgiven its debt postworldwar II, if that hadn’t have happened, the European landscape may be very different today. The entire situation, both in terms of Greece and Puerto Rico, can be traced back to irresponsible lending practices by Western banks and why so irresponsible? The fault lies in finanical deregulation across the board and neo-liberal market practices run amok. The very least the United States can do, if they are serious about containing Putin, is to pressure Germany into extending some humanity and compassion to the Greek people. Greece has been approached by Russia, I don’t blame them if they start dealing with Putin, lives are on the line and the West is being unreasonable and cruel. In reference to our own backyard; we should provide more constructive ways to deal with Puerto Rico’s financial woes, they have been in a depression for close to a decade, they need some viable options and avenues to dig themselves out of their hole, not left out to drown in a sea of debt. We like to tell the world that we are the shining beacon of opportunity, a republic founded on democratic ideals and what has happened in Greece with their vote of no was democratically arrived upon, we should be supportive, it is the will of the Greek people after all. The people should be leading the banks by the nose, not the other way around, ever since the day the banks decided to socialize their losses, they work for us; we should remind them of that or at least charge our representatives to remind them. 
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