The Social Security Disability Program’s In Trouble And Republicans Will Do… Something

How did Paul Ryan get annointed as the expert of all things budgetary and public policy? His main goal is to privatize Medicare, Social Security and anything else not attached to the rafters. I shudder to think that SSDI is in his hands while in peril. Where are the democrats in this? Pelosi and Levin need to get the rest of the party in line to demand that better analysis and statistics come to the foreground so that Bernie Sanders can bring it to the American people on the campaign trail. This issue needs to be part of the conversation because with mulitple jobs, longer hours, less regulation and right to work laws, the average worker is susceptible to many more injuries than ever before. As Levin said, it is hard to get accepted as a SSDI recipient and once you are that disabled, the odds of getting viable employment are so slim. Why does the Republican Party try so hard to demean people who already have it so tough? If you really want to find the liars, manipulators and the scam artists, all you have to do is look over to Wall Street, the Fossile Fuel industry, Monsanto and any other industry that benefits from exploitation, that’s where you’ll find them in spades. The level of discrimination, bullying and prejudice against working people is truly abominable.  
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