The House Just Passed A Major Science Research Funding Bill. No, Really, It Did.

This is a much needed piece of good news in the midst of a week’s worth of horrible financial events. Personally I think that our science, research and developement sections of our budget should have never been submitted to the idiotic sequestration. Moreover, keeping the sequestration alive is beyond me. When is the Republican Party’s base going to stop putting people who despise government in government? There is nothing more annoying than a republican lawmaker who intentionally tries to sabotage our government because ideologically it’s their raison d’etre, not because it makes any sense whatsoever, but because they have this misguided notion that freedom from oversight and regulations is the secret to success. In certain cases it’s true, financial deregulation did make a few mulit-millionaires but at what cost? The Koch brothers love socializing the huge cost of environmental cleanup of their fossil fuel industries while they pocket their profits; again at what cost? I am so glad bipartisanship isn’t dead, funding biomedical research, the NIH and the FDA are perfect examples of what government should be about, using our economic might as a whole to do what we cannot do each one of us alone. If only more people and republican lawmakers could understand this very basic principle of good government perhaps they would finally put away their blinders regarding their beloved “free markets”. Our nation and our society would be so much better for it.
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