Bernie Sanders: The Cable Bill Is Too Damn High

My dependable group of progressive minded senators never disappoint, they may be the only ones to take notice that our “free marketplace” has become void of any real competition. I shouldn’t be too surprised that the rest of congress looks the other way because the only ones who suffer when there isn’t any competition are the consumers, industry works very well when competition is at a minimum. I would remind everyone that when our economy was dominated by small Mom and Pop operations, our marketplace was wonderfully competitive; ever since our economy became “Walmartized” competition has declined to a dangerous degree. We see it in so many other industries as well. Luckily for us the people, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have also been hammering away at the Big Banks for several years now. However, now that cable companies have joined the ranks of Big industry, the time to start anti-trust proceedings is right now. It isn’t only cable, banking, or Walmart, we are seeing a concentration of power in the agricultural industry as well; a sad phenomena has happened, many small organic labels have been bought by PepsiCo, Kellogg’s and General Mills for example, so the aisles that seem to suggest a variety of different companies is just an illusion, our food chain is controlled by a handful of huge corporations. We have been deceived by the promise of bigger is better, we were much better served when we had an overabundance of small businesses, nowadays we are overrun by monopolies and duopolies and we suffer unnecessarily for it.
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