Clinton’s Big Economic Speech Will Go Heavy On Middle Class Wages

I would love to see a woman in the White House, but I want the right person to inhabit the White House. Thanks to history and hindsight, I believe many of the policies championed by former President Bill Clinton did a lot of economic damage to both the working class and middle class across the board. I realize that Hillary isn’t Bill, she has her own agenda and her own goals, but does she understand just how devastating NAFTA has been to this country? I know that she gave two excellent speeches regarding our prison industrial complex and our need for comprehensive immigration reform with strong measures as to how it can be accomplished, both speeches I applaud. However her vision for the economic future in this country is still too vague for my blood. She needs to spell out her feelings over TPP, TPPIP and TISA, she needs to explain in great detail how she plans to level the playing field between Wall Street and Main Street when it comes to economic possibilities and opportunities. My problem with Hillary is that she is always coming from behind; she has had since 2009 to hone and finesse her Presidential vision, she just had to decide which bloc she was going to try to convince; the 99% or the 1% because our future can’t be a fight between the blues and the reds; if the fight is going to be serious, it will be the haves against the have nots. 
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