Hillary To Jeb Bush: The Problem Is CEOs, Not Their Workers

I applaud everything that Hillary Clinton is calling attention to when she laid out her economic platform as part of her presidential campaign. However haven’t we already established back in 2012 when Mitt Romney was running, that vulture capitalism is inherently bad for the economy, capital gains at the established rate still isn’t contributing a fair share to our society and the act of buying companies, only to dismantle them to sell them off, while laying off chunks of the employee pool or even worse, keeping the company in business but drowning them in debt; pick one, anyone, each one of these financial moves taken out of the Romney playbook, are all horrendous ways to run an economy. Hillary has to lay out her step by step plan as to how she will turn the shareholder economic paradigm into a stakeholder economic one; I would be so interested to learn how she plans to approach the problem. Bernie Sanders has been after getting the wealthy and corporations to pay their fair share, I would be curious where he stands on the shareholders versus stakeholder issue. I believe that he would wholeheartedly support stakeholder corporate enterprise, but I wonder how he would go about getting it done. I also wonder if he will take the idea and run with it on the side while he works his political craft in the senate. It is never too late to get needed change on the negotiating table. Hope and change may have been President Obama’s calling card, but I don’t see why we can’t still apply the concept to what needs to be done, we can only change our reality, if our hope pushes us to do the work to effect the desired change. It is really up to us.
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