Iran Nuclear Deal Concludes In Historic Announcement

It’s about time, after all of the petitions I have been signing, I am happy that cooler heads have prevailed and an agreement has been reached. A victory for peace has occurred, we need to stay on top of our lawmakers and demand their support for peace, there should be no going back, no retreat from peace. I am especially happy that Bernie Sanders has expressed his full support for this historic agreement, I realize each and every republican presidential candidate will be bashing this agreement left and right, but if we are serious about starting a peace process in the Middle East, well it has to start somewhere and this is a good and smart place to start. I saw that Hillary Clinton did not commit one way or the other, at least not yet. What disappoints me with Hillary’s reticence is she is allowing Israel to determine her actions. Our agreement with Iran is good for us as a nation and it’s good for the world. Israel needs to dial it back down several notches; if I were able to give them a stern piece of advice, it would be for Israel to stop their inhumane treatment of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, stop building illegal settlements and at long last, accept the 1967 borders. If the Palestinian people were heard by the world and by Israel, if they had their own state, Israel’s place within the Middle East would be solidified because the root cause of animosity would be gone, the Palestinian’s would finally be in their home, 
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