Scott Walker Sues Feds Over Food Stamp

If I may, I am not surprised that Scott Walker would sue the government for the right to force poor people to suffer further indignities. If one looks at his track record, he has had it in for unions, stopping at nothing in order to break them completely, he has gone after the Wisconsin university system, he refused Medicaid expansion, in sum, Scott Walker, like so many conservatives, feels poverty is a sign of moral failure, personal incompetency, a sign of character weakness and poor values. Governor Walker refuses to even contemplate the idea that poverty is an issue full of complexity, nuanced and very much the result of public policy and neo-liberal agendas. Moreover, we have reams of data showing other southern state’s administrations having employed similar tactics, the results broadly showed the costs far outweighed any justification, a paltry 2% failed testing. We have, or rather we used to have this ideal called innocent until proven guilty, we, the average worker, have been forced to undergo random drug testing in some corporate fiefdoms, a violation of privacy in my opinion, conservatives want to convince us that poor people are throw away people, they don’t deserve rights, honor or compassion. Conservatives have successfully convinced me that if you are quick to be suspicious of others, prone to seeing the worst in others, the reason is because you are projecting your own dark, secret self onto those less fortunate than you, meanwhile you try so hard to keep that dark self hidden under superficial loud Christian preaching and sermonizing. How could we have lost our way for so long? We have turned a blind eye for 40 years, we cannot afford to keep our heads in the sand any longer. We need Bernie Sanders, we need huge voter turnout, we need a constitutional amendment repealing Citizens United and we need to fill our individual state legislatures with more the article:


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