Boehner Ducks Offer To Negotiate A Way Around A Shutdown

Attitudes like Boehner’s explain very well why congress has abysmal approval ratings, it may also explain voter apathy because at the end of the day, the people look over at congress, they see the Big Banks got bailed out in 2008, get a polite tap on the wrist if they break rules/laws, wealthy Americans get tax break after tax break without a thought given to the shrinking middle class, the hardest working class in the world and the poorest Americans in our nation. We drive on roads riddled with potholes, our young and our future hope are drowning in student debt without the promise of promising careers down the road. We all watch the news, listen to our Republican Party disrespect the office of the President, disrespect all groups who have the courage to be different and true to themselves now be in charge of the legislative branch and what have they done with their role as leaders and power brokers? They have done nothing for the American people, they have cut and/or withdrawn financial support for so many domestic programs that do much good for those in need, all because when you are struggling, you are expected to grit your teeth and pull yourself up by your bootstraps, however if you are part of the financial elite, you deserve all of the congressional support there is, they are there to serve without problem. If for only one year, imagine that we only funded the military budget enough to pay our troops, the rest of the budget would be re-invested in society, I would include every single retraining program, housing program and anything else to re-introduce our troops into society so they can safely and productively regain their footing in civilian society. What a year it would be, maybe universal preschool could be a thing, perhaps employing thousands of young workers, ex-soldiers, engineers to rebuild and retrofit millions of government buildings, school buildings, bridges, roads and nuclear power stations would be a thing as well. Why couldn’t this be a possibility? Why do we get stuck with a political party who only wants war and tax cuts? Bernie Sanders 2016!

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