Bill Clinton Is Sorry For A Lot Of Things

I for one applaud former President Clinton for stepping forward, recognizing his mistakes and accepting his share of the blame; his admission of huge mistakes in public policy and foreign policy should be a lesson to all, decisions big and small, all have consequences and some snowball into horrific disasters, be very wary of who becomes a part of your inner circle. Hillary Clinton isn’t campaigning on the back of Bill Clinton’s apologies, which I find to be a shame. However not surprisingly, all of Bill’s past mistakes dovetail very nicely into Bernie Sanders political platform; perhaps not every single regret, but most definitely the economic mistakes, the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the drug war and NAFTA of course. The more I read of Bernie Sanders, the more excited I get for his candidacy, he has been a dependable, staunch supporter and advocate for the working person, it’s high time we have some one like him in the White House.

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