President Obama: You Forgot Women and Mass Incarceration

I blame the seemingly never ending privatization of our public institutions. Intellectually I realize that Saint Ronnie isn’t to blame for every single ill in our society, but it is pretty darn close, he launched, using his office of the President, the first salvo against the entire concept of government as something inherently positive. He purposefully directed us down the road to privatize as much of our civil society as possible and 40 years later we have the largest private prison industrial complex of the world. It bears to investigate the incestuous relationship between state governments and the two single largest prison corporations, if law enforcement doesn’t incarcerate enough people, the corporation lets local government know how displeased they are, dollars are on the line. In terms of women and incarceration, I cannot imagine the horrors between menstruation, gynecological issues, depression and fear for one’s personal safety. Sadly so many of the prison population nowadays is due to poverty, inability to pay fees or fines lands one in prison, we have come back full circle to debtor’s prison. This issue is only one of the reasons I am voting for Bernie Sanders, he has been a voice for the voiceless way before it became the sexy issue of today. Bernie Sanders usually doesn’t jump on the bandwagon, he is often driving the cart.

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