Why Liberals Have to Be Radicals

Isn’t it sad, we have to look backwards for radicals? Some might not want to repeat F.D.R’s policy prescriptions, but at least we should agree F.D.R was a radical, especially in light of the fact he belonged to the 1%. Former President Teddy Roosevelt was in his own way a radical, he did the nation a great service when he went after Standard Oil, he believed to the core of his being that the people needed the power of government to protect and bolster them against the corruptible, greedy powers of corporations. I read somewhere Bernie Sanders holds great admiration for Teddy Roosevelt, given Sander’s economic platform, he has been a staunch admirer for decades. It was around Teddy’s time that the United States had a fairly large progressive party, unfortunately history got in the way and they got pushed aside; what with the first World War, the roaring twenties, prohibition, followed by the Great Depression, the United States was busy, too busy to remember that progressivism is all about the people, not about corporate America or the wealthy. However, during those time periods, corporate America and the wealthy completely dominated the nation both within D.C and without, the people were too busy just trying to survive. We can’t just have one radical chasing a position from which to foster change from within, we need a small army of radical legislators voted into government come 2016, then perhaps we will see some real radical change.

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