Republicans Are Upset That Martin O’Malley Cited Actual Science On Climate Change And Conflict

Our own military has listed climate change as a major threat to national security, quite a few years back, so it isn’t as if O’Malley pulled his argument out of his hat. The scientific data has been substantiated in terms of extreme drought being one of the consequences of climate change, we see it in California, Australia, Texas and Syria. It is not very difficult to understand, we are spewing carbon dioxide, methane gas and a slew of other heat encapsulating gases into the atmosphere, in turn converting our planetary sytem into a pressure cooker, melting the glaciers, which instead of acting as buffers bouncing the sun’s rays back into space, our oceans are soaking up the heat. If one was to walk along the streets of New York City on a 90+ degree day, between the black top and the glass skyscrapers all around, you feel as if you are being cooked, our entire planet is feeling a similar effect, it is all due to mankind. We have seen millions of climate change refugees already, refugee status immediately acccompanies poverty, struggle, food insecurity and we wonder why there has been such unrest in the Middle East? It isn’t only about religious extremism, when a majority of a people are subjugated by dictatorship style regimes, farmers can’t farm because of drought, people are hungry and angry, frustrated and hopeless, it shouldn’t be a mystery if violence erupts. We have an obligation to ourselves, our children, our planet and every other species to take this seriously. My goodness, it has just come out that Exxon has known about the dangers of climate change since 1981 and subsequently spent millions and millions denying it, just like big Tobacco. Isn’t that proof enough we have to act now?
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