Uber, New York City Reach Tentative Truce

What needs to be explored is how exploitative Uber can be to its drivers and to its consumer, because it may give you an estimate upon agreement, but they aren’t obligated to abide by the estimate, many consumers have had sticker shock after seeing their statement. Uber is operating mainly as a libertarian operation, rake in the money with as little regulation as possible, the biggest sign is their insistence on issuing 1099’s, leaving their drivers completely on the hook for taxes, healthcare benefits, wear and tear on their own vehicles, Uber doesn’t have much skin in the game, except in operating financial transactions and data sharing, for so little at stake they make out like bandits. On the flip side, one state, CA has effectively challenged Uber’s employee classification and won, I haven’t seen how it has played out in CA, I am not sure how long they have to change over from 1099ing their drivers to hiring them as Uber employees. I hope N.Y will be very circumspect and take a page from CA rulebook. Overseas in Europe, taxis, who deal with much more regulation, are making their fury known at what they deem to be an unfair and undercutting operation. I don’t trust the Uber business model, I find it too exploitative and greed based, it completely undermines what a shared economy is about, sharing doesn’t mean taking advantage of and sucking one party dry. Sharing means mutually beneficial and equal standing, not a power divide with winners and losers.
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