Prosecutor Paid Off Student Loan Debt With Funds Seized From Defendants

Here is another example of how toxic our drug war has become, civil forfeiture is an absolute violation of our constitutional rights, starting with the fourth amendment and ending up trampling on the concept of innocent until proven guilty, since as in the case of Oklahoma, law enforcement officials can seize and confiscate money without arrest, proof or conviction. What have we come to as a society? Are we so misinformed that we allow the representatives, we ourselves elect to office, to legislate these actions into law? Our war on drugs has done nothing but help create a prison industrial complex, developed way too many secretive agencies, ruined diplomatic relations with many Latin American countries and now the police in certain states and communities have far too much power and exploit the spirit of the law in order to fund their police departments, I also blame the conservative anti-tax ideologues for allowing our police to feel desperate for funds, sharing the burden across the board is always the better solution, rather than highway robbery. We need to be smarter and more longterm minded if we want our society to function better, at least better than what we are currently seeing these days. 

read the article:


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