Hillary Clinton’s Economic Speech A Total Letdown

A simple way to reclaim and establish an inroad against runaway executive pay would be to sever the link between C.E.O compensation and stock prices; return executive pay to the performance of the company the way it used to be, I realize there was a reason for holding C.E.O’s accountable to shareholders when it was done back in the 1970’s, however the economic reasoning of the past has had negative results for our economy as a whole. We need to embrace stakeholder capitalism once again; moreover we absolutely need to stop this rash of mergers and acquisitions, this is no way to grow our economy outward in a healthy, dynamic manner. Merging companies together inhibits competition, the very foundation of capitalism; mergers and acquisitions in the business world is akin to incestuous inbreeding in the natural world, it erases new blood, ideas and methods from the playing field. Hillary Clinton is being too timid on economic matters; we need outside of the box thinking, we need rebellion. Unfortunately for Hillary, we are getting that rebellion in a very loud and proud Bernie Sanders, he is cutting through the red and blue states with fiery speeches and drawing thousands upon thousands to his rallies. His message isn’t one of half-hearted promised and proposals; he offers concrete legislative proposals which have been offered on the floor of the senate. He comes with decades of experience, ideas and a concrete vision of what our nation should be and can be; I fear that Hillary will be left to the side once again, it seems that she isn’t ready to go big enough to help the working family of America. She hasn’t yet learned the lessons from 2008, I can’t understand it, she is an extremely intelligent woman, how can something this simple escape her?  
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