Mike Huckabee: Obama Marching Israelis ‘To The Door Of The Oven’

Huckabee’s comment is so irresponsible and tasteless, it is almost frightening, given that Huckabee aspires to the highest office with the capability of launching a nuclear weapon. Iran would have to be a nation on a suicide death wish to even think to launch an offensive strike, we and Israel would retaliate so fast it would spin the planet at warp speed off its axis. The Republican Party’s hostile response to the Iran deal, which also includes our other allies, an important aspect of the deal, is not accomplishing much to secure Israel’s safety, cementing a clear, detailed accord focused on not getting a nuclear weapon is a better determinant for peace in the region, much better than starving a people, Israel would do well to take a lesson from the entire Iran/World dynamic to learn how to treat Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. Have people forgotten the Palestinian’s inhumane living conditions, their very limited access to water since it’s exclusively under Israel’s control and the living conditions, which are not fit for animals, let alone human beings, Israel reminds us of her vulnerabilities within the Middle East, but Israel refuses to entertain a two state solution respecting the 1967 borders, they refuse to budge on illegal settlements, they continue to build them despite the illegal nature of the act. The world needs this Iran deal, our political party from the right, the Republican Party, needs to stop their warmongering behavior and rhetoric, if only for any hope of peace. War is not the answer.
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