House Republicans Say ‘Not It’ To Senate

Where is the coordination between houses? Since they are both controlled by the same party, the lines of communication should be open and running smoothly, no matter which side of the aisle you operate from; highways, bridges, state roads need to be maintained, updated or even completely replaced if only for safety reasons. These roadways may be state’s issues, but they are still incumbent upon receipt of federal funding, nationwide constituents are dependant on congress as a whole to do their jobs and legislate and appropriate necessary funds. Long term projects cannot be done when only short term fixes are submitted, instead of serious long term committments. I do not agree with the way Republicans are choosing to fund the highway, I would increase the federal gas tax, have corporations contribute themselves by perhaps looking into their offshore accounts. These are simple solutions to an important public issue, our roadways were instituted by a Republican President, Dwight Eisenhower, he recognized the power of community and of the public weal. I doubt he would have let our highways decay to this degree without holding congress accountable. When did we forget that we do better when we invest in ourselves, our nation and its public commons? We shouldn’t each need to depend on a private company to do what we can mandate our government to do, it isn’t logical or efficient, it only makes corporations wealthy at our expense.
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