Senate GOP Fast-Tracks Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is vital to low income women and their families, it isn’t about abortion, it is about an entire array of gynecological issues spanning from birth control, an issue that is very complex, to mammography, pelvic screenings, ovaries, in short a female reproductive system is made up of several moving parts, not just the uterus, though it appears that only the uterus is of any consequence to the Republican Party. The very act of withholding federal dollars is a symbol of censure, because that is precisely what they are doing; the Republican Party has been targeting Planned Parenthood for years, this video only gives them cover, even though it has been shown to be fraudulent they don’t care, they don’t want government to help pay for gynecological procedures, they only want government to legislate what a woman can or cannot do with her body. I don’t understand the Republican Party, their leadership states their huge “umbrella” welcomes all; however they consistently attack minorities, women, undocumented workers who have spent years living and paying taxes here and the elderly who are poor. I should specify they don’t attack necessarily with words, more specifically they attack those groups with very precise legislation, making no bones about it, they are finding ways to punish those who aren’t of their economic class. Through their legislative and budgetary priorities, the Republican Party tells us if you are working poor, middle class or just poor, female and non-white, you are of no interest to them, moreover you are a burden on their concept of what America should be and if they have their way about it, will be, as soon as one of their party moves into the White House. We must make sure it doesn’t happen.
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