Ohio Cop Indicted On Murder Charge In Traffic-Stop Shooting

I have read and heard repeatedly the need for much more police training, but I am not sure if in this instance, training would have made much of a difference. I think we need more screening, greater police involvement in their communities, not only patrolling communities, but also residing in the communities they are assigned to, forge some strong and copassionate bonds with those communities. Moreover, police departments need to rethink how they communicate their motto “To serve and protect” to their officers, the relationship between the police and those they serve has deteriorated spectacularly these past few decades, there is much to repair and the current state of militarization in most major cities is not helping the police department’s cause. Americans, at least the 99%, have a few bones to pick with the government, Wall Street, the Pentagon, the NSA, the FBI and they should be allowed to protest peacefully and vocally as much as they like without having SWAT teams and snipers everywhere, this unnecessary and potentially violent response in a military fashion does nothing to bridge the divide between our police and our society, who by the way, pays for them with our tax dollars. #BlackLivesMatter has become an extraordinarily powerful and necessary call for a complete turnabout of how our criminal justice system operates, who controls it and who should be allowed to work within it. Unless we start changing from both ends, from the bottom, meaning who we allow to be police officers and the top, who commands those police officers, we won’t change the terrifying nature of our huge problem and this problem needs to be addressed and solved immediately.
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