Obama Has A Plan To Protect The Iran Deal In August, His Least Favorite Month

This is an important treaty, we have had too many missed opportunities to establish peaceful inroads within the Middle East, we shouldn’t squander another one. If we had had cooler, more circumspect heads in power in 2005, we would have had Iran included in the international fold with far less centrifuges, but Bush Jr. wanted acrimony and hostility to rule the day. Haven’t we learned anything yet? The fastest way to build extremists is to starve them, beat them down and make them feel like pariah. Peaceful solutions allow for engagement and dialogue, foundational attributes towards creating peace. Moreover, we need to remind ourselves that Iran isn’t an irrational player in this global political theater, they realize the stakes involved, we have to call out the parties here at home, who prefer a military solution to any hint of peaceful coexistence, they are doing it for the profits down the road, not for the world’s best interests, Israel’s best interests or our own. Moreover, the only two players who despise Iran wholly and desperately are Saudi Arabia and Israel, are we supposed to bow down to their interests before our own? I think not. I really hope intelligence and diplomacy win the day for us and the world.
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