Democrats Take Advantage Of The GOP’s Epic Month Of Dysfunction

As we sit, we gripe and we write, we have to acknowledge one very important and sad fact, the Republican Party didn’t one day appear in congress on their own, they were elected there. We have to address and answer that fact, make a firm committment to act, and vote in order to change the current congressional congress. Last election, only 33% of the electorate bothered to turn out to vote, which is not only an utter disgrace, but it means we are part of the problem. Moreover, we need to ask ourselves, why do career politicians such as McCain, Boehner, Schumer and McConnell keep getting re-elected when they clearly don’t act in their constituents best interests, since they only cater to corporate and big money. Am I surprised the Republican Party, despite having both houses under their control, cannot get it together in order to do the important and necessary work? No, am I deeply worried for our nation? Yes, but I will not allow my despair to push me into disinterest; I feel even more determined to make my voice count, engage in social media and in September, volunteer for the Bernie Sanders campaign. We can only get a government that works for us, if we take the time and make the effort, if we don’t, we don’t have much of a leg to stand on when things start going sideways. I hope for our sakes, come 2016, we will see unprecedented voter turnout for every single race during that first week in November.
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