Democrats See ‘Firewall’ Holding To Preserve Iran Deal

The opposition party to this treaty is clearly being disingenuous about their reasons; the treaty, not negotiated in a vacuum, it is an international agreement which has been worked at and worked on for over two years and it accomplishes a lot towards keeping the Middle East one less nuclear power nation state in the future. What has gotten under my skin lately, especially when listening to those on the right, who admit they haven’t read or even seen the treaty, is the fact, in case we have forgotten, Pakistan and North Korea are nuclear powers, where is all of this fear and security concern, considering these are two pretty unstable countries. Iran is a rational player on the global chess board, it would behoove us to follow President Obama’s lead, re-engage Iran and keep them in communications, not only with us but with the international community all well. We should remember, we always lose when we ostracize a nation, we create real or imagined slights, misunderstandings appear and in the end, it costs us a lot more dealing with hostile actors than if we co-existed peacefully.   
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