I Strongly Support the EPA Clean Power Plan

I agree with Rep. Schakowsky, this is of the utmost importance in terms of health reasons, economic reasons, civil rights and political symbolism. When I speak of political symbolism, I mean showing the American people that government is here to address these matters that affect all of us as a nation, what we cannot do for ourselves as individuals, we can accomplish together as a nation. The savings, both health and economic, afforded to millions of people throughout the 50 states will be felt as as huge weights lifted off millions of shoulders, this isn’t something to be taken lightly, cleaner air is something we should celebrate and strive for, anyone who spends a few hours living through an asthma attack is more than familiar about the nightmare of not breathing, the huge expense of emergency rooms, ambulance bills and medication; for this alone, the President’s plan should be applauded. When I mentioned civil rights, I spoke to the fact that polluters, coal plants and other fossil fuel dirty emitters often place their facilities in the poorest sections of town, mostly populated by minorities who haven’t any power or legal recourse to fight against the powerful. The only “losers” if you will will be the poor paralegals who will be up late at night filing brief after brief in courtrooms throughout the Red State divide trying to block these regulations from doing their intended job; because this is what Red States do, they grease the wheels for their corporate buddies, while they slam their constituents with very poor public policy, often making some policies that impose irreversible damages on those very communities. It makes me so angry and sad for anyone unfortunate enough to live in a Republican dominated area, be it town or city or state.
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