Elizabeth Warren Hammers GOP For Wasting Huge Amounts Of Time

I suspect the Republican Party chooses its battles primarily in the hopes of killing two birds with one stone; they are going to find a way to control women via their reproductive systems, wage war in the Middle East and cater to big business, Wall Street and the fossile fuel industry, all the while sabotaging how government was intended to work. They remind me of a losing team, doing everything they can to run the clock because they are all out of plays, but they don’t want to admit their loss. My Senator, Elizabeth Warren introduced three bills, all designed to help working families but to no avail, the Republican opposition has abortion on their minds and with that, they can’t focus on anything else. Moreover, to make matters worse, they are prepared to shutdown our government in order to get their wish, defund Planned Parenthood. The fact that Planned Parenthood does so much more than provide abortions, abortions makeup only 3% of the entirety of their gynecological and obstetric services. If Planned Parenthood is impoverished by denying their organization federal funding, thousands of low income women will be denied access to mammography, cervical screenings, other types of cancer screenings and access to birth control, an excellent deterrent against the need for abortion. As a woman, I am sick and tired of the angry, old, white man political party that wastes valuable time and resources inserting their petty and patriarchal belief system on me. There is absolutely no reason to shut down our government for any reason, our senators and representatives are elected to do the business of governing, if they need to stay in congress later and longer than previously scheduled, so be it, it is their job. I would like to have open and honest debate on the senate floor over flexible work scheduling, increasing minimum wage and lowering the interest rates on student loans and Parent Plus loans. Unfortunately these ideas haven’t had their day for discussion, instead we are bombarded by talk of getting rid of Planned Parenthood. This isn’t the way government should be run, which is part of the Republican Party strategy, which infuriates me to no end, they are deliberately making our congress ungovernable, if only to turn people off from engaging in the political process. We need to be smarter.        
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