Federal Appeals Court Rules Texas Voter ID Law Violates Voting Rights Act

There is no reason whatsoever for a political party to create an obstacle course in front of the voting booth, unless that political party wants to make voting a challenge and/or a chore. In case no one has noticed, the Democratic Party invites, no practically begs, for everyone to vote and goes to great lengths to introduce legislation making it easier to register, calling for lengthier hours at polling booths and even longer periods of days, anything to entice our reluctant electorate to the polls. If we look at the participation percentages of last term’s election, only 33% of the electorate bothered to show up; our congressional makeup, as of right now, reflects only a third of America’s will; 2/3’s of America did not willfully choose a Republican dominated congress, or if they did, it is only by default. In my mind, the Republican Party is very cognizant of this sad fact, which is why they have tried as hard as they could to make voting so difficult, I mean why is a gun permit acceptable, but a college i.d isn’t? Could it be because traditionally gun owners vote for the Republican Party and college students tend to be liberal and vote Democratic? Polling stations are supposed to be apolitical, they are simply to be the place where you exercise your right to vote, but how can a polling station remain apolitical when there are policies in place that deny legitmate voters to exercise their right? Our vote should no longer be only considered a right, a privilege, it should be considered a duty, we all live by and are affected by the actions of elected officials, how can anyone deny themselves the opportunity to have a say in those actions? I hope that the people who find themselves the odd people out, will not stop fighting for equal access to the voting booth, our republic, our democracy is in need of every single voice out there. Shame on every single Red State in our union for seeking the means to make it even more imperfect.
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