Anti-War Donors Pledge To Withhold $8.3 Million In Potential Donations From Schumer, Iran Deal Opponents

Personally I have never been a fan of Chuck Schumer, he has been too strong of an advocate for Wall Street at the expense of Main Street and now with his explicit act of choosing war over peace, I firmly believe that he has no business being senate majority leader. I hope follows through with their threat of withholding major cash donations because Chuck Schumer needs to understand that Israel isn’t the only constituent he is accountable to, he has the American people in New York. I seriously do not understand how we can paint Iran with such dark streaks and harbor intense hatred and distrust for them, when Saudi Arabia has as much to answer for in terms of funding certain questionable groups, human rights violations and has everyone forgotten that 19 of the terrorists involved on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia. Moreover, if we were serious about wanting peace in the Middle East, we would take Israel to the side and make them get serious about a two state solution, get rid of the illegal settlements and abide by the sanctity of the 1967 borders, end of story. We have destabilized the Middle East irresponsibly in so many different ways during the past several decades, we have an accountability in this region that must be recognized and addressed, unfortunately having a political party such as the Republican Party and democrats such as Chuck Schumer will not make this path easy, but we have to suffer through it anyway. It is the only viable way to peace, that and the Iran deal.
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