Bernie Sanders Shut Down By Black Lives Matter Protesters In Seattle

I know I live a life of privilege simply for the fact I am a white person, I never think of being out of place. I can just be. Bernie Sanders, I am sure is coming to realize it as well, I believe this additional disruption to his scheduled appearance will make him re-evaluate his platform to be radically more inclusive while shifting his focus on more than just the economic and expand it to social justice. However, having said this, you can be strong, loud and proud and still allow a candidate to speak. I am not sure their way is going to continue being effective if they shut down rather than engage. Bernie Sanders is one of the few and loudest advocates for the middle class, poverty class and working class, he welcomes everyone to his side, he doesn’t push anyone aside. I hope #BlackLivesMatter activists will give him the benefit of discussion and show him their ideas, concerns and plans of action, instead of shutting him out. 
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    I was watching Hillary doing a town hall on S-Span, and some young people were trying to shout her down because they didn’t think she went far enough on climate change. Like you, I don’t care for shouting people down. Not only is it rude, but it doesn’t really contribute to the discussion.

    1. You and I are in complete agreement 😀 Thanks for the great comment James. 🙂

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