Marco Rubio Tries To Clarify His Stance On Abortion Exceptions

Listening to the entire Republican field speak about abortion gave me chills and a pit in my stomach. I am a mother of two, I firmly believe in choice and Roe v Wade, there are situations highly personal, medical or psychological that dictate actions and it is of nobody else’s concern. The Republican Party has no business reducing women to the status of brood mare. It is a mark of shame that women had to wait so long for the right to vote as an equal member of society, it is equally shameful that in 2015 women still don’t rate equal pay and to hear presidential candidates stand there dismissing women and their right to life, made me so very furious. I couldn’t help but feel passionately angry thinking that a fetus, which up until the last two months of pregnancy isn’t viable outside the womb, has a greater meaning and value than a woman and once the fetus is born, the Republican Party couldn’t care less for it if it has the bad luck of being born poor. Abortion is up to the woman and her doctor, it is legal, it is hard no matter what fairytales the anti-abortion people may tell whomever is listening, it is one of the hardest decisions a woman makes, it is one made for important reasons, but those reasons don’t concern anyone else, save for the woman who makes the decision. The saddest part of our strange and convoluted relationship with sex, women and the government’s relationship with all of it, is if we had a more mature outlook on birth control, abortion would not be necessary the majority of times. I could never vote Republican, if only for its archaic views on women in general and their need to deny and control a lady’s innate right to make choices for herself and her reproductive system.
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