Disciplining Corporate Directors: The Real Culprits in CEO Pay

It is illuminating how often you hear that prices for services or products will go up if we increase the minimum wage or institute a living wage, but the same argument never sees the light of day when we are speaking to C.E.O compensation packages. I do understand that there is that a certain tax incentive where companies can write off their C.E.O pay and much of their other compensation is in the form of stock, but still they are getting paid in some way by the company, which should translate somewhere in the overall pricing of their goods and services and yet, we more or less stay silent on the matter. We, the working people, absolutely and desperately need to stop buying into arguing and fighting against each other over pittance wages; we need to raise our heads up and look to where the trickling down comes from, the wealthy and powerful who determine how little to turn the spigot. This nonsense infighting among the 99% kind of makes the case for the wealthy, that we don’t deserve to be more successful because we can’t see the forest for the trees. Capital without labor is a lot of printed paper, even with all of the automation in the world, you still need labor. It is up to us to band together and demand our fair share of our productivity, our time and our talents. The executive suite is full of people who know how to manipulate and exploit, but they don’t deserve to be awarded the big bucks just for that, there has to be more than just greed, there should be pride and passion for the company, the workforce and the product, not just the share prices and the dividends. These relationships need to be sorted out once again, they were written a certain way in the 1970’s, it is time to rewrite them today, to put balance back into the economic world.  
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