EPA Chief Apologizes For Huge Colorado Mine Spill

The E.P.A’s intentions were in the right place, I only wish they had taken the time to do further due diligence before unleashing the heavy equipment. However according to the article, it was congress’s failure to designate old mines as superfund appropriate, which might not have allowed for the additional resources required for proper cleanup. My hope is the EPA won’t have their cleanup plans caught in the crosshairs of budget wars and/or sequestrattion cuts. From my perspective, our common government agencies charged with working for us, have been dealt death by a thousand cuts since the days of Newt Gingrich. A certain political party has made it their business to render our government dysfunctional and inefficient, I fear this horrendous accident will cost us dearly in terms of our perception towards our government and the important role it plays in our lives. My heart goes out to all Colorado residents, I can only hope that the E.P.A will come up with a strong, steady plan to rebuild what they contaminated, even if it was wholly unintentional.   
read the article:



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