Kirsten Gillibrand Hits Carly Fiorina For Opposition To Paid Leave

I know that paid family leave is an issue near and dear to Senato Gillenbrand’s heart; right before Jon Stewart’s departure, she paid him a visit and they discussed the importance paid family leave is to the average working family. I could see the passion in her eyes and her voice, she really cares about her constituents. What many fail to understand is the majority of corporate managers and owners do not appreciate the dynamics of job security, employee moral and how minimally invested employees are made to feel. Workers are quick to pick up when they are nothing but a cog in the machine and companies suffer for it. It is an unfortunate fact that unless a company is headed by an extraordinary individual, they all act in the same manner, the only bottom line is a black one and the only thing that matters are dividends. Unless we have an ally in our corner and most often it is the government we elect, we have no one to stand up for us. Teddy Roosevelt was very cognizant of this and put his bully pulpit to great use to fight for workers. I disagree with the entire Republican Party premiss that government should not be involved, our government is an extension of ourselves, it would only suffice for us to be far more engaged in our political life. Paid family leave is just one example of how we need the government to push corporations, no matter how unwilling, to accept these types of common sense accommodations to the realities of family life with all of its hiccups. 
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    I was proud that she was one of my Senators when I was living in New York. I have no idea who my Senators are here in Washington state.

  2. I think she is wonderful, I hope you find a senator as committed to you in Washington as she was for you while you were in New York. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you James. 😀

    1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

      Looks like Washington has two Democratic Senators: Patty Murray (whose name rings a bell) and Maria Cantwell. Both look to me like good people. Murray seems to be slightly more progressive than Cantwell.

      1. I’ve heard of both of them, I think you’re right in that Patty Murray is the more progressive of the two. I have read good things of both of them so that’s pretty great. 🙂

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