Why A Democrat Is Now Blocking An Obama Nominee

I strongly applaud Senator Brown’s reasonable position; he will lift the hold on Marisa Lagos in exchange for a slightier more flexible viewing schedule, not an insurmountable obstacle. I believe that the TPP and the TPPIP have been too long, hidden away in the dark, they need to be completely brought out into the light of day, so everyone appreciates what corporations understand the treaty to mean as well as the workers and the companies themselves. We have history showing us that free trade is only a win for the wealthy; everyone else loses completely, economically, politically and morally. NAFTA wasn’t a tiny trade agreement back when former President Clinton signed it to much fanfare and many promises, instead NAFTA has done a big disservice to all working people out there, we can no longer afford to pay penalties because our compensation interferes with dividends, labor deserves more consideration than stock options and dividend distributions. These are the lessons learned from NAFTA and the TPP and TPPIP are even more weighted to purely corporate interests. In light of our disappointing returns thanks to free trade agreements, if Sherrod Brown needs more latitude to have his trusted staff read and study the text, I don’t find it unreasonable. Allowing ourselves to be taken in once more, shame on us for not doing our proper due diligence, Sherrod Brown is taking his responsibilities to us and workers in general very seriously, we should support him loudly and clearly. 
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