Jeb Bush Insists He’s A Washington Outsider

El Jeb may think he is a Washington outsider, but he definitely speaks their language. He wants blue collar workers to work as long as possible, he believes that Medicare should be transformed into something else, he most probably wants to do the same thing to Social Security that his brother tried back in 2006, imagine if he had been successful with the Great Recession just two years later, the catastrophe would be horrifying. Jeb Bush may have built his political career in Florida, but it could have been easily transplanted to Washington D.C for all of the differences between results and ideological worldview. However on another tangent, as I was perusing the headlines looking for something to comment on; everything was either about presidential campaign politics, the Iran deal, Hillary Clinton’s e-mail servers, Cuba or Gitmo. We are still over a year away from the election, we should be speaking more towards more pressing issues such as requiring our legislators to stay put in Washington D.C to do some actual work such as funding various agencies and departments. We haven’t even entered primary season as of yet; let us not forget we have a government in the here and now, that needs a lot of cajoling, reminding and issuing ultimatums against and to worry about, without being further distracted by this huge messy presidential candidate field. 
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