The Status Quo Isn’t Working for Women in America

Carly, Carly, you are long on vagaries and short on specifics. You accuse the Left of standing in the way of birth control, but if I remember correctly, birth control was designated as a 100% covered benefit, until the conservative right hijacked the constitution by way of the conservative majority of the Supreme Court and viola corporations have religious beliefs as well as free speech. There is no end to this farce is there? You then attack our government’s view over regulations and their place in our business world, you state that it is the government’s onerous intrusion in the market place that denies women good jobs and you look to Europe as an example. Carly you forget that Europe is experiencing a recession that just won’t quit and that is primarily their own fault because they engaged in austerity economics, those economic values that you preach so loudly and often. If Europe’s economic circumstance was on the upswing I would love to bet you that women would be doing just fine in terms of employment and wages. I do agree with you that we desperately need an economy where workers have enough economic power to demand better wages, but for that to happen we have to demand that corporations bring manufacturing back to our country, corporations re-engage in the social contract and that corporate and Wall Street mindsets change on many fronts. The current modus operandi for all capitalism is to put profits and dividends before all else, it is a zero sum game which means, there must be losers and for the most part, American workers have been on the losing end of American capitalism. Carly, you cannot write an op-ed to rally workers, be they women or men, while campaigning from a capitalist worldview, you fundamentally cheer for the other side to be the winners, the stock owners and Wall Street power brokers so stop being disingenuous. If ever we are going to find someone who really gets how to get women in the game of living wages, opportunities and possibilities, then you need to look no further than Bernie Sanders. He is fighting the good fight for all of us and doing it by defying the traditional capitalist paradigm. He is a counting on us to participate in his revolution.
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