The Amazon Economy

I have come to realize that the word efficiency is code for the rich when they want to siphon even more wealth away from everyone else. Why must there be efficiency? What are we rushing towards? Life is short enough as it is, are we rushing to an early grave? Whatever happened to things well done with time and care? I can’t help but feel that capitalists such as Jeffrey Besos are society’s parasites, feeding off the host/labor and sucking its life force away. I think that we should encourage high school history teachers to teach Karl Marx to juniors, teach them the importance of labor in relation to capital, we are brainwashed from birth to worship money, convenience and immediate gratification. I believe that we have lost sight of the art in artisanal accomplishments. The bone-crushing efficiency of an Amazon model shortchanges the spirit of entrepeneurship where dedication, a respect for talent and craftmanship is at the heart of an elegant commerce. I see Jeffrey Besos disrespect hardworking people day in and day out, he may have had a good idea, but still, the idea of cutting vendors, authors and manufacturers down to the bone in order to get the lowest price, to me just seems wrong. I would argue that strangling and depriving small business owners of fair recompense is the height of despicable economic practices; practices that Teddy Roosevelt fought hard against as well did F.D.R. In light of of the past forty years, I blame Reagan for our loss of balance in the economic landscape; he gift wrapped supply-side economic theory in a pretty package with a bow, surrounding his present with charming and feel good rhetoric, all the while using the sleight of hand of well crafted prose to distract from the real redistribution of wealth upwards with those on the receiving end, laughing all the way to the bank.   
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    I would click “like” on this, but then I’d feel like a hypocrite because I do use Amazon a lot!

    You say: “I think that we should encourage high school history teachers to teach Karl Marx to juniors…”

    My first thought when I read that was, “That wouldn’t go over too well in the small town where I grew up!” But then I remembered that I did have a high school social studies teacher who did teach us Marx’s thought. He was a Republican City Councilman and was conservative, but, in retrospect, his presentation of Marx was rather fair. He told us what Marx believed, and he gave us critiques of Marx—-he said that Marx was too utopian, and that unions take care of the problems that Marx identified (well, maybe they still did back then in the 1990’s, more so than today!).

    1. I appreciate the sentiment James I really do! My husband uses Amazon a lot no matter what I say lol

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