To Fight ISIS, Obama Risks Empowering Iran’s Favorite Terror Group

I feel so sorry for the poor children within the entire region, growing up in violent, chaotic war, not knowing which side is your’s, just hoping not to die in the cross hairs. I recently looked at an old map documenting the Crusades, the first one was in 1096, its initial goal was to reclaim Jerusalem from the Muslim armies who had captured it because of its holy signficance to the prophet and we haven’t really stopped since that first battle. The mere fact these wars have been all about proprietary “holy sites”, doesn’t the sheer irony and depressing narcissism of religion make this all insane? War and religion should never be in the same line of thought or same sentence. What God would condone senseless killing? We aren’t even sure who we are fighting, the Sunnis and the Shi’ite aren’t sure which faction is fighting in which country, to me this is definitely the epitome of killing just for the sake of killing. Moreover the sheer irresponsibility of our decision to arm these groups without really knowing where their allegiance will be two months from now is the height of craziness. Why can’t we get off this merry go round, stop sending armaments, stop sending all military and financial aid, simply allow whatever humanitarian assistance is necessary and try to suffocate the winds of war before they blow us all away.
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