Hillary Clinton’s Keystone Crisis

Before Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy, I wanted to support Hillary, I really did, but I can’t, if only for the reason, she is her own worst enemy. I want my candidate to be bold, think outside the lines and be beholden to no one and nothing. That candidate is Bernie Sanders, you know where he stands when it comes to the Keystone Pipeline, climate change, alternative energy and the immediacy of the problem. You also know he cares for our future generations and their planetary inheritance, he has committed 100 percent to the environmental cause, he would never betray that cause, not for all of the money in China. Hillary Clinton has played it too safe, been too vague and set herself up, probably unintentionally with her email debacle, but still she opened the door to suspicions and innuendo, it only shows poor judgement. Moreover, as the article states, her track record as Secretary of State vis a vis climate change related accords and deals is rather poor, how can we be sure she just won’t do more of the same if elected president. I am so excited over Bernie Sanders’ campaign, especially his passion and conviction for our global environment, he is the one to get the job done.
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