Health Insurance Mergers Make Executives Richer, Policyholders Poorer

I remember very clearly learning in class that in order for capitalism to work there must be competition, without competition the consumer suffers and only the wealthy benefit, over time the economy as whole starts to constrict because there is only so much spending the top sliver can actually do and it is never enough to support an economy as large as ours. I thought everyone was aware of this principle, but in fact either the Republican Party and certain Democrats were asleep during this part of class or they deliberately don’t care and are working to perpetuate a return to the highly unstable and unequal economy of yesteryear as we experienced during the 1890’s and the 1920’s. What Wendall Potter describes happening in the healthcare insurance market is happening throughout all sectors of our economy, we need to demand from our legislators and our President to use the laws that are already on the books such as the Sherman Act, a law that our former President Teddy Roosevelt put to good use when he broke up Standard Oil. We can only benefit from capitalism when there is diverse and healthy competition in our markets. Our Walmartization and financeliazation of our overall economy has only brought about a concentration of wealth and power to the top echelons of our society, that isn’t capitalism, that is plutocracy or oligarchy at best or I would rather say at worst, if only for us the average person. We have the tools and the knowledge to if not put a stop to it, at least throw a few wrenches in the mechanism, it is up to us to wake up and protest, revolt or at the very least, vote.  
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