Bernie Sanders Defends Gun Control Record, Brags About D-Minus NRA Grade

We need as much public debate as possible on this issue, we have to talk about guns from A to Z, from manufacturing, trafficking, ammunition, lobbyists, taxes, state regulations, federal regulations, F.B.I, mental issues, internet regulations, gun shows and I am not even sure if I have covered everything. This is something that has been an abscess festering in our society for far too long, how long ago was Columbine? Was Columbine even the first mass shooting or was it the first in a school? I can’t even remember because there have been too many. We are more apt to get killed by a gun than get killed by anything else in this country, yet we don’t move on the issue. Why is the second amendent so off limits from common sense discussion? A well-regulated militia should not be a phrase that difficult to understand and translate into modern parlance, our well-regulated militia has morphed into our local and state police, our national guard and our military, our civilians no longer need to stand at the ready, waiting to be attacked from a foreign intruder without backup from a well equipped military, we have a military beyond any of our founding father’s wildest imaginations. So what gives on the persistence to give the second amendment the worship it doesn’t need. I don’t get our gun culture, I truly don’t and never will.
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