Walmart Is Cutting Back Some Employees’ Hours After Raising Wages

I’ll just say it, I hate Walmart, I hate Amazon and I hate Uber. They represent the worst business model, the worst in capitalism and the worst in parasitic, greedy, exploitative behavior. They also intrude on the most important feature of capitalism, its competitiveness, they reach out and decimate all competition and drive prices down brutally, cutting down producers, authors and suppliers, until those small businesses fall apart because their business model of cutthroat profit driven practices demands it. We had a healthy economy with mom and pop stores dotting our entire landscape, until greed incentivized certain families and individuals to mass produce, relying on massive areas to provide massive discounts, luring the unaware away from fair prices that smaller stores relied on to stay competitive within the small business communtiy while still making a living, not millions, just a living. I think that we need to seriously re-examine our stubborn notion that bigger, richer, faster and cheaper are always better and a sign of progress. The word progress doesn’t necessarily mean better. I am not writing about nostalgia, I am writing about sustainability and manageability, somethings just become too top heavy, too out of control to manage and I think that our financialization and Walmartization of our society and our economy has become very unsustainable and unwieldy, it is ripping the fabric of our society apart. We need to step back and re-embrace small business, insert a lot more competition into the marketplace because if you do the research, you will see that in actuality there are only a few massive corporations that own hundreds of smaller companies, it is eye-opening. We have no competition in the marketplace, it is all an illusion, just walk through a supermarket, a total of perhaps a handful of companies own every single label on those shelves, it is shocking once you realize. This is why I hate Walmart, they have poisoned our economy, all in the name of obscene profits, all for one family, it isn’t right.
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