Iran Deal Within One Vote Of Victory

It seems as if there is a light at the end of the tunnel for a win in the diplomacy column as opposed to a lose in the warmongering column, because no matter what the right says, their hope to put a win in the war column is a losing proposition for all of us in my estimation. I realize that Israel and certain Jewish organizations have lobbied congress really hard to get them to vote no, but I am so thankful that 33 now see the Iran deal for what it is, a solid chance at peace in the region. Perhaps in light of this progress with Iran and the international community, we could go even further and get traction on a two state solution to the Palestinian issue; now wouldn’t that be an incredible chance for a real and proper peace in the Middle East, one long enduring reason for anger would be taken off the table, imagine that. I strongly believe that peace is achievable in the Middle East, we know what is required, a two state solution at 1967 borders, an end to the West propping up dictators, an end to drone strikes on civilian populations and an end to Western domination over the region. Poverty, corruption and trampling on many freedoms have created an atmosphere where ISIS can breed and ferment, we need to take the wind out of their sails and let the people determine their own course of action. We need to show them that possibilities and opportunities will provide them with surety and stability, ISIS will never be able to do that for them. We need to demonstrate our good faith with this deal, our world depends on this to work out in the end.
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