Bernie Sanders Had A Great Response To War Hawks

We need Bernie Sanders as President and we all need to listen to him and become active participants in our political revolution for the 99%; he’s right, electing him as our President will only go so far, if we want more, we have to do more for ourselves and each other. Citizenship cannot be a passive state of being, we must be active in our political life as the citizens of Ancient Greece were or at least, that was the goal in their democracy. War, like peace, is a choice, it is the saddest commentary on our humanity that war seems to be the easiest choice, at least for those in power, they don’t go out in the field amongst the live ammunition with their heads and limbs in harm’s way. Moreover war is a money maker, whereas for some reason peace doesn’t make those greedy industrialists as much money, you would think it would be the other way around; maybe money made by average people isn’t as important to those in power as the money made by military subcontractors, defense contractors, I don’t know. I do know that for me Bernie Sanders is the only candidate I will vote for, I don’t believe that Hillary Clinton will go out of her way to push and work for peace, she bought into the Iraq war too easily and she is too closely aligned with the Israeli hawks to keep us out of conflict within the Middle East. Let us not forget that the Palestinian non state disaster is a major component in the aggression that has plagued the Middle East for decades. If only we could get a two state solution, we would have advanced the cause for peace immeasurably. Perhaps Bernie Sanders would be the President who could make it happen, bringing the Israelis and the Palestinians to the table and ending this dangerous and precarious state of military aggression in the center of the Middle East.
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